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Xiaomi is all set to unveil its new noise cancellation headset on the 12th of December. Judging from the slogan “say goodbye to noise and restore true colors”, …

Dodocool, an up and coming accessory maker from China, has just dropped the price of its popular IPX5 earphones by $15!

1more design super bass review

Keep reading to see if the 1More Design Super Bass meed the high standards of their Xiaomi counterparts.

Remember that Meizu are originally an audio hardware maker and that they like to remind us of that fact with the release of new audio products. Well 23rd September might see the release of a new EP31 headphone.

OnePlus has launched its affordable Xiaomi Piston competitor, the Silver Bullet earphones in India.

umi voix earphone review

UMi have made the move from dedicated smartphone maker to lifestyle brand with the introduction of the new UMi Voix earphones. See how well they have done with the move in our full review.

xiaomi piston 3

Xiaomi’s Piston earphones have been a popular accessory for a lot of Chinese phone owners, now an updated version of buds have been released with a new design.