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Elephone Vowney

Elephone is currently working on the so-called “B” version of the P9000 model and while all the hardware specs will remain the same the big …

elephone vowney review

Elephone have released their first update for the Elephone Vowney, but don’t wait for an OTA as this is a manual update.

elephone vowney review

After a longer than expected wait Elephone have finally shipped their Elephone Vowney smartphone, so was the wait worth it? Keep reading our full Elephone Vowney Review to find out.

elephone vowney photos samples

I’ve been packing the Elephone Vowney with me since it arrived for our review, and I’ve snapped a few sample photos and video with the …

elephone vowney 2k hands on 1

The Elephone Vowney has arrived for New Year! Keep reading to see my Elephone Vowney first impressions and watch our unboxing video.

elephone vowney hands on photos

Elephone are set to break a new record with the Elephone Vowney which is now scheduled to ship on 30th December, a year after it was initially teased!

Elephone have posted another video hands on showing the Elephone Vowney in action, take a look after the jump. It is starting to look like …

elephone vowney

Elephone have set up a special page where customers can reserve either the Elephone Vowney or Elephone Vowney Lite from just $239.99.

Elephone, as we told you a few weeks back, is preparing to release the Elephone Vowney 4GB smartphone next month, but, as to be expected, …

elephone vowney specifications

If you go sneaking around the website you might be able to uncover the final specs of both versions of the Elephone Vowney flagship. If not we’ve done the spying for you.

Elephone have been good enough to said us exclusive first photo of their upcoming Elephone Vowney phone.