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ELEPower Thunder

MGCOOL ELEPower Thunder

In need of a power bank to charge your portable devices? MGCOOL comes to the rescue with a flash deal on their MGCOOL ELEPower Thunder!


Fire the cannons, the announcement for the big Elephone giveaway is here. We are pleased to inform this time we registered almost 200 valid giveaway …

Elephone’s sub-brand MGCOOL launch their own Amazon store and begin selling the MGCOOL ELEPower Thunder power bank at the lowest price ever.

ELEPower Thunder

The new Elephone powerbank ELEPower Thunder is finally available for real and because it looks like they really seem to hit the jackpot with all …

ELEPower Thunder

The proper name of the first Elephone powerbank product is still somewhat confusing, but we will stick to the official website canon so i guess …