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Xiaomi’s exploding phones continue to ignite fireworks in to the New Year!

Ulefone Power Saw

Ulefone seem to be in a mood to ride on the Note7 recall… which probably explains this rather unique ‘stress test’ of the Ulefone Power.

xiaomi max fire

Xiaomi have had their fair share of exploding phones this year but this is the first Max to go boom.

In a follow up to the Mi 4i ‘explosion’, Xiaomi have come out with an official statement and have offered to replace the phone for the user.

xiaomi mi4i explosion

Imagine being at work when all of a sudden your Xiaomi Mi4i decides to spontaneously combust! That’s what happened to one user and it was caught on camera.

Today I can’t put my phone in my trouser pocket! No, I haven’t just downloaded a super addictive Android game, and no I’m not busy …

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The explosion happened at around 10:30 p.m at an internet cafe in Southwest China’s Guizhou province on Saturday night. Rescue workers searched in to Sunday …

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