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Last month, the alleged renders of the Oppo Find 9 popped up. They were reported on Weibo by @Kjuma. And now, another leak shows images …

And yes, it’s one of these never ending news articles about the Oppo Find 9 model, that keeps coming our way, now more than 2 …

A fresh new render gives a peek at what could be the next OPPO Find series phone — the Find 9. Heads up — it looks rather elegant!

OPPO Find 9

The OPPO Find 9 is finally seeming real. News from the home country of China is that the phone will launch in March this year.

Fans of the Oppo Find series of phones have been teased with various rumours, and a new one claims the Find 9 will launch in March!

The wait for the Oppo Find 9 continues but home-based designers can’t wait and has gone ahead to release their own concepts.

oppo find 9

The last Oppo Find phone we saw was the Find 7 back in 2014, and since then Find 9 rumours have been on and off, now they are back on again.

oppo find 9

The Oppo Find 9 is currently the unicorn of the Chinese smartphone world, but recent rumblings from China suggest the phone might be more than vapour.

Oppo’s seemingly mythical Oppo Find 9 receives the rumour treatment this morning care of a trusted Weibo source. It’s been 2 years since Oppo released …

oppo r9 teaser

Oppo have released the first teaser image of the Oppo R9 and the design isn’t all that unsurprising.


OPPO today have announced that they will be at MWC and will be unveiling two new technologies that will ‘WOW’ users.

oppo find 9

It’s not only Xiaomi who are long overdue in the flaghship phone releases, Oppo and their Oppo Find 9 are also currently missing in action, but images on Weibo have recently shown up.

oppo find 9

We were all about to give up hope of a new flagship from Oppo when news today reveals the Oppo Find 9 will be announced in Beijing on the 19th September.

oppo find 7 price cut

After almost 12 months on sale, Oppo have just cut the price of their flagship Find 7. Could the Oppo Find 9 launch soon?