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A good few console gaming fans find it somewhat inconvenient to control PC games with a keyboard and mouse. In contrast to PC gamers who …

MUJA gamepad

We have talked with HandscapeĀ before, the first generation gaming HandycaseĀ was launched on Kickstarter in 2015. It was supported by 637 backers from all over the …


New reports suggest that theĀ Handscape MUJA gamepad will be launched at 9am EST on Jan 30th. The super early bird price will be $49 and …


CES, the world’s largest technology conference, as usual this year, is more important toĀ potential brand than ever. Handscape, an innovativeĀ well-known brand for smartphoneā€™sĀ game gadgets, hereby …

Ulefone T2

Gaming phones are the latest obsession of the chinese phone makers, so it comes as a little surprise, that even the smaller brands will be …

Xiaomi might have made a name through their phones and MIUI, but they also make some of the coolest tech gadgets available. Here is a list of my personal favourites. What are yours?

xiaomi gamepad

It’s not much of a surprise today that Xiaomi’s gaming related launch is the official release of their Bluetooth Xiaomi gamepad.

xiaomi gamepad

Xiaomi Mi Box owners and Mi TV owners who want to enjoy a little gaming are now finally able to as the Xiaomi Gamepad begins shipping to lucky customers in China.

The very gamepad that Samsung hoped to make available alongside their flagship smartphone, Galaxy S4, is finally here. Was it worth the wait?

JXD’s latest Android gaming device has finally seen light of day and is now on sale for just $160. The Android 4.1 Jelly Bean Gamepad …

The Archos GamePad has been in the works for almost half a year now, but if you happen to be at CES this week you get a peek at the much anticipated Android portable gaming device.