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Gizchina is hiring a News Editor. Come join the team!

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Gizchina is hiring a News Editor. Come join the team!

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The Honor 8 has been one of the most successful devices ever released by a Chinese company, but how does it fare in our full review? Read on to find out.

Get amazing daily deals on now. Up for grabs today are Xiaomi and Elephone phones at great prices.

xiaomi mi4s

Xiaomi Mi4s is onsale now for just $309.99 through

xiaomi mi5 unboxing

With an all new design, the most powerful chipset on the planet, 4 axis OIS on the camera and a new fingerprint scanner the Xiaomi Mi5 should be the best thing since sliced bread, but is it?

Here’s how the UMi Touch’s 13 mega-pixel sensor fares against the iPhone 6s iSight camera.

mwc 2016

We’ll be heading to the Mobile World Congress today to bring you the latest from the show.

new year

Well 2015 is only a few hours from ending and 2016 is on the way! This past year has seen some great device, but 2016 …

The upcoming Xiaomi Mi 5 will most likely mark the return of NFC tech on Xiaomi phones.

Here are the top 5 bits from the past one week that you can’t dare to miss: This Week On GizChina!

gizchina shop

After a week of amazing phone giveaways we can finally announce the GizChina Shop officially open and ready for business.

As most of you know, the Gizchina online shop is slowly shaping up nicely, our giveaways have been very active and so far we’ve given …

GizChina is always expanding and adding more to its network for you the Chinese tech fan to get the latest and greatest news as and when you need it. Here are the top 10 ways you can keep up to date with

vivo x5 mx

Vivo could be set to unleash a double whammy this December with the release of not only the an all new Xplay but the 4.75mm Vivo X5 Max too.

which chinese phone

The year is coming to an end and there are a lot of great Chinese phones to choose from, so which one are you planning to buy next?

leagoo lead 3

With a budget of less than $100 you can still get yourself a nice smartphone these days, so does the $89.99 Leagoo Lead 3 have enough to charm buyers?

gizchinade hero

To bring the exciting world of Chinese technology to a larger audience we have teamed up with CMM to bring you

vphone i6 iphone 6 clone

Well it didn’t take long, but this time it isn’t GooPhone that have done the unspeakable, but Vphone with their own iPhone 6 clone.

xiaomi mi4 clone

Chinese customers eager to get their hands on the latest Xiaomi Mi4 are being burned by dishonest stores selling knock off phones.

elephone p2000

Elephone have post a tutorial on their forums showing how the fingerprint scanner on the latest Elephone P2000 can be used to lock individual apps.

win a oneplus one gizchina

This is it! This is the one you have been waiting to enter! Your chance to win the “2014 Flagship Killer”! Enter now for your chance to win a OnePlus One!