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GooPad have somehow secured a supply chain for the 8-core Samsung Exynos Octa 5410 processor to build their own GooPad N8, Galaxy Tab 3 alternative.

GooPad are usually recognised for their love affair with producing rather convincing knock-off devices, but they also make some original products to like the Goopad 9.7 A31S.

Summertime! what better time to head out to the garden, beach or on the road with an Android tablet by your side. We take a logo at the top 10 Android iPad mini alternatives for Summer 2013.

No.1 have announced their GooPad mini rival and iPad mini clone with 7-inch display, built-in 3G and handwriting recognition.

We have come across a fairly good selection of Android tablets in China which are quite blatant knock off’s of Apple’s New iPad, but nothing …

GooApple, the Chinese company behind the fantastic GooApple V5 iPhone 4S knock off and various iPhone 4 clones has entered the Android tablet market with …