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Few smartphone manufacturers are known for releasing kernel sources in a timely manner. In the past months, we have seen OnePlus, Razer and Google taking …

scumbag mediatek

Mediatek are in the headlines again for keeping the source code for the Omate Truesmart watch to themselves, but the problems run deeper than that.

What an amazing week for Chinese technology fans! We have seen next gen phones, seen amazing collaborations and more!

The question put up by Andi, whether Mediatek should embrace GPL (or at least offer more tools to custom ROM devs) can, in my opinon, be easily answered with “Yes”. If you buy a device, its always great to have the opportunity to fiddle around with it and change things. Theres already a lot possible, once you acquire root rights on your Android system, but if the hardware base is open too, the possibilities are even bigger.

Chinese phone makers are finally looking to offer their phones to the international community, but with very little developer support available for MTK phones should we push Mediatek to honor GPL, or push manufacturers to rival processors.

Oppo have really stepped up and are distinguishing themselves as a modern phone maker. Not only have they launch one of the best phones of …

Oh no, it looks as if someone has been doing some serious snooping and found that Google Inc. have either been very naughty or extremely …