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A company is offering a $329 laptop which runs macOS. We think Chinese OEMs can do it for lesser! Think out loud with us here.

So if you have all finished groaning at my poor attempt at a festival title, here are 3 freshly baked Apple Macbook Knock off’s to …

It’s been a monster year for Apple and in turn the industry which has grown up around copy and cloning them. Keep reading to see …

We’re seen everything from the Apple stable cloned over the past few years. iPods to iPhones, iMac’s to Macbook Air’s and more recently a Macbook Pro clone and a whole slew of iPad knock offs.
This, however marks the first time we’ve seen Apple’s consumer level white plastic Macbook cloned.

A 14 inch Macbook Air clone that runs Snow Leopard as soon as you open the box!

Chinese Mac Mini clone comes with Snow Leopard, Window 7 and a whole host of plugs and ports for as little as $350!!

Chinese retailers are offering custom made i7 powered Mac Pro Hackintosh computers for as little as $700!!

The hackers have been at it again. This time they’ve managed to get Snow Leopard running on a Dell Latitude E6400. This is of particular …