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Withings, the wearable company that recently has jumped out from Nokia business, has just announced a new fitness tracker to the market – The Pulse …

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AllCall W1

Since the dawn of time or rather since the first arrival of the smartwatch models existed the big question about it. Should it be just …

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Cubot have just put their latest Cubot S1 fitness band against the more professional Polar and Alatech heart rate monitor straps to see what difference …

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Summer is getting closer and many of us want to get in shape for the beach or just look fit. A fitness tracker might keep you motivated!

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Heart rate monitors are fairly common function for most of the wearable gadgets, but have it directly built-in inside a smartphone it’s still a very …

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Meizu Band

Seems like Meizu are finally getting into the wearables game as their first entry in Meizu Band gets officially launched in China today. It aims …


If you are not China-based then probably the name Wang Feng doesn’t ring any bells. But this chinese rockstar and music authority is also a …

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Few days after the launch of the MGCOOL Band 2, MGCOOL has officially released the new Android app for their smart band. It’s called MGCOOL …

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umi iron heart rate monitor

We were pretty sure the UMi Iron specifications had all pretty much been revealed, then today a heart rate monitor has been sprung on us.