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Top 5 Android powered gaming handhelds you can buy now! Specifications, details and more of the best Android games systems on the market today!

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Chinese handheld console maker JXD have taken their knowledge of Android gamepads and integrated full phone specifications in the all new JXD Venus S5800.

Chinese tablet maker JXD combines a tablet, handheld games console and Android smartphone in to one with the JXD S5800.

JXD have made the logical step from Android powered game systems and tablets to launch their first budget 6-inch phablet.

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Being a fan of both retro and modern games the JXD S7300 Android Gamepad 2 with its Android OS and tablet functions really appealed to …

JXD’s latest Android gaming device has finally seen light of day and is now on sale for just $160. The Android 4.1 Jelly Bean Gamepad …

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While knock off iPhones and iPads are something of the norm in China, I am constantly surprised by the lack of fake, or iPod Touch …

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While there have been plenty of fake Sony PSP devices available in China for sometime now, they are now actually starting to rival genuine games …

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