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Local time on January 8th, DOOGEE officially released information that they will launch a new generation of S90 modular phone in the third quarter of 2019, and …


DOOGEE devices have been the rage these days since the publishing of several attracting models, such as the Doogee 70 game rugged smartphone and Doogee S80 digital intecom smartphone. While today, another …

Vinci 2.0

Some of you guys may recall Vinci, the company that successfully kickstarted their Vinci 1.5 Smart Headphones back in November 2016. Well, apparently the AI-focused audio …

zte hawkeye

ZTE’s latest projects is an Android smartphone launched in Kickstarter with eye tracking features, and today the company reveals the hardware behind this smartphone.

Chinese tech giant ZTE has launched a Kickstarter project for ‘Project CSX’ a handset designed with features voted for by users. Sometime last year, ZTE …

SpeedX Leopard

Crowdfunding is becoming ubiquitous and success stories impressively demonstrate how this new ware of funding for startups, creative ideas and caused via the crowd can …

ink case plus

Inkcase Plus Kickstarter project heads in to pre-order stage after successful funding.

antvr tech in asia

Chinese start-up ANTVR has managed to raise $260,000 to produce its own Oculus Rift rival.

Not many are aware of this, but Xiaomi makes more than just cool smartphones; the company is known for its merchandise and addons as well, apart from other consumer electronics products.

Have you ever fancied your own programable flying robot? Well now here is your chance with the Spiri Kickstarter.

The Pebble Watch was very much in danger of becoming vapourware, however a recent FCC approval for the device could mean the smart watch will be shipping sooner rather than later.