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Google’s super affordable DIY virtual reality kit has been cloned by Chinese resellers offering the kit for under $10!

After appearing in numerous leaks, mostly pictures, a video showing the next Nexus smartphone from all angles has emerged online, and we have to admit, the piece of kit looks slick!

Huawei’s new UltraStick is an SD which lacks any memory but packs a 3G punch.

We already know that Oppo are planning to launch the Oppo N1 as a serious piece of photography kit, which rumours suggest include the ability to take long exposure photos.

Although the Xiaomi Mi3 launch is just a few day’s away, Xiaomi haven’t forgot about their current flagship phone and today have launched new lens for the rear camera.

If your 16, 32 or 64Gb iPad is running low on memory there aren’t a lot of options to choose from. You can either remove …

I’ve personally never felt the need for more than one cell phone number, let alone 3! But if your the kind of person who likes …

This is one of those little add ons which really makes you think ‘Why wasn’t it done like that in the first place?’. As you …

Convert your 3G sim card to micro format and back again with this handy kit.

Asus’s S30 and Hp’s 5101 netbooks are now avaiable as ‘Do It Yourself’ build your own netbook kits. So grab a screwdriver and get cracking!!