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homtom ht7 pro

HomTom have taken their budget HT7 phone and created the seriously impressive HomTom HT7 Pro with updated hardware improvements and an affordable $90 price tag.

One of the issues Chinese phones normally have is the lack of LTE support for North America and Latin America. Elephone hope to overcome this with the new Elephone P8000 version B.

blackview bv2000

At $69.99 Blackview say that their BV2000 model is the cheapest LTE phone on the market. Full details and real photos of this budget phone after the jump.

Elephone P9000

We have seen the Elephone P9000, octacore phone, in renders before, but the latest shows more details a familiar look and a laser AF unit.

oukitel u7 pro

Oukitel are giving their U7 a makeover to create the Oukitel U7 Pro.

blackview omega pro

At the start of the year Blackview released the Omega, the phone had a nice build, but lacked features and had a high price tag. The new Omega Pro rectifies those issues while getting a new lower price point.

With a 5.2-inch display. Force touch, SD cad support and dual SIM LTE, the ZTE Axon Mini is a breath of fresh air in a world of 5.5-inch flagships.

siswoo c55 longbow

Siswoo have pounced on a gap in the market and launched an updated version of the C50 Longbow with LTE support for major U.S carriers.

blackview bv9000

When Blackview aren’t testing their latest rugged phone in a pot of paint they can be found working on the stunning Blackview BV9000 with 2K display and MT6795 chipset! Here are the first photos.

OPPO R7 Plus

Joining the smaller Oppo R7 smartphone, is the Oppo R7 Plus which launched on the 18th August in Southeastern Asia markets and on the 21st in China.

blackview omega pro

Blackview are working on an updated version of the original Omega called, unsurprisingly, the Blackview Omega Pro.

bluboo xfire

Bluboo want to produce the worlds most affordable 4G LTE phone and say that they have cracked the code with the $60 Bluboo XFire.

blackview concept

If the OnePlus 2 was a bit of a disappointment then turn your attention to the latest from China, in particular this unamed smartphone beast from Blackview.

blackview alife pro

In a bid to grab a new wave of customers, Blackview are offering their newest phone release in a flash sale for only $99.99.

elephone vowney hands on video

First hands on video of the Elephone Vowney flagship show off the phones design and fingerprint function.

elephone p6000 benchmarks

Elephone recently announced that their popular P6000 model would receive an update giving the phone more RAM, a new chip and the same low price. Here is the updated phone in action.

zmi power bank

We have seem a number of powerbanks offered since Xiaomi got in on things, but the latest from China is the ZMi with big power, USB and even LTE modem.

elephone p8000 source code

Elephone may well be the first company to ever release the source code for a Mediatek Chinese phone with P8000 code available soon and the hunt for developers now on.

ulefone be touch 2

Ulefone have released news that demand for the Ulefone BeTouch 2 is out stripping supply.

The current 64-bit generation of Mediatek chipsets triggered a real change on the market. Suddenly we see phones that are far more powerful than anything …