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We were wondering when the next generation of Macbook Air clones would launch, and we didn’t have too wait long.

We’re seen everything from the Apple stable cloned over the past few years. iPods to iPhones, iMac’s to Macbook Air’s and more recently a Macbook Pro clone and a whole slew of iPad knock offs.
This, however marks the first time we’ve seen Apple’s consumer level white plastic Macbook cloned.

Not content with just knocking off one or two of Apples products, Chinese brand QingTing have cloned 3 major products including the iPad and even Apples website!

China finally launches it’s Macbook Pro clone and it’s looking mighty good!

A 14 inch Macbook Air clone that runs Snow Leopard as soon as you open the box!

With the market saturated with knock off Macbook Air’s, Kai Sheng Tech. have decided it’s high time to copy the Macbook Pro!

The big question has finally been answered thanks to some good old-fashioned hacking! Yes, those Macbook Air clones you’ve seen on Ebay and gadget blogs …

It was only a matter of time that the giant xerox machine that is the counterfeit market got its hands on Apple’s delicious Air. Keep …