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Meizu m2 note

meizu m2 note

Today’s advent deal is the 5.5-inch Meizu M2 Note phone with leather case and screen protector at just $149.99. The Meizu M2 Note is the …

Xiaomi’s new Redmi Note 2 is out now. How good is it against some other popular budget phones from China? Lets find out here!

Meizu has set up its Amazon store in the EU to allow buyers to pre order the m2 note for £139.99 right now, with shipping due for 14th August.

The Meizu m2 note has now been officially announced with a 5.5-inch screen, octa-core processor in India for 9,999 INR.

Meizu M2 next step seems to be a official release of the known newest Meizu M2 Note at the Malaysian Market, check out it for more details!

meizu m2 note

The Meizu m2 note is now on presale for an attractive price of just $160.

meizu m2 note

We’ve seen the specifications, we’ve seen the renders an we have even seen the Antutu benchmarks, now it is time to see the Meizu m2 note in the flesh in real photos.

Meizu didn’t just launch the affordable m2 note at the press event today, but also a new, relatively inexpensive TV box in the Lynx Box.

Meizu has taken the wraps off of its second-gen note device within a very short duration — the Meizu m2 note, which costs a mere $130!

meizu m2 note

E commerce giant have once again jumped the gun on the pricing of Meizu’s latest listing the M2 note at 1299 Yuan.

meizu note 2

It is a leak or is it misdirection? Whatever it is sure looks like the 2nd generation Meizu m2 note we have been hearing a lot about.

meizu m2 note

In just a few weeks time the next Meizu smartphone will be unveiled China, but do we already have our first glimpse of the new mid range phone?