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Meizu Pro 5 Ubuntu

Even with the emergence of the new flaghship model Meizu Pro 6 the last generation is hardly out of steam and there is even a …

meizu pro 6 specifications

It’s hard not to like the sleek look of the new Meizu Pro 6, but once you delve in to the specifications is this a step forward or a step backward compared to the previous Meizu Pro 5.

Meizu’s PRO 5 is certainly a looker, but how good a performer is it? If its AnTuTu scores are anything to go by, it’s quite a mammoth there as well!

meizu pro 5 price and specifications

Bad news for anyone waiting to get their hands on the Meizu Pro 5 smartphones, as the device will be delayed by up to 1 month due to flooding at a factory in Guangdong.

meizu new logo

Every brand starts locally, even nationally, but wants to eventually go global. Global brands experience better success, have more of the worldwide market to win, …

The new and powerful Meizu Pro 5 is finally here. Powered by the Exynos 7420 octa processor and 3/4GB RAM, the phone is definitely a powerhouse!

A trio of purported leaked images claim to show the upcoming Meizu Pro 5 running stock Android OS.

Meizu’s PRO 5 is shaping up to be quite a hell of a phone; a fresh new leak shows that the PRO 5 is mightier than the mighty Galaxy Note5!

The upcoming Meizu phone has already suffered innumerable leaks. This time, leaked pictures of the packaging confirm the phone’s name – Meizu Pro 5.