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MGCOOL Explorer 3 action camera 4k 30fps

Following the success of the MGCOOL lineup of Explorer action cameras, the Chinese electronics manufacturer is ready to launch yet another new camera, this time …

The MGCCOOL Explorer 4K is a rather interesting gadget for it costs well under the $75 mark, but still products 4K video in a GoPro-like form factor.

With summer on the way and you being able to get out more often, maybe on a bike tour, an action cam could come handy and …


Seems like the MGCOOL engineers came up with another special technology for creating their action cameras MGCOOL Explorer 1S and Explorer and calling it the …


As the action sport camera goes the GoPro brand is more or less an ultimate comparison and obstacle for any competition and they need to …

Online reseller Gearbest are currently celebrating their 3rd anniversary with lots of promotions, some of them are in partnership with MGCOOL — the recently born …

MGCOOL Explorer

MGCOOL officially launches the MGCOOL Explorer 4K action camera, here are all the specs and how much it’ll actually cost.

Valentine’s Day MGCOOL Band 2

MGCOOL have put a bunch of their products on sale in occasion of Valentine’s Day. Come and see if you find anything interesting!

MGCOOL Explorer 4K gearbest

The MGCOOL Explorer 4K action camera is finally on sale. You can get one now for $49.99 at the pre-order price. Full specs inside!

MGCOOL Explorer 1S

MGCOOL just launched the MGCOOL Explorer 1S, another 4K action camera that they’ll be adding up to their lineup. Enter to know the specs!

MGCOOL Explorer Launched

MGCOOL officially launched the MGCOOL Explorer, a new 4K camera aimed at people with a low budget. Here you’ll find all the specs!

MGCOOL Explorer 2

MGCOOL begins this 2017 with two new cameras, the MGCOOL Explorer and Explorer 2. Both cameras can shoot 4k videos and more.

MGCOOL is willing to keep you company this coming Christmas with one of their products, the MGCOOL Explorer action camera, to be precise. To do that, …