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Rumours have been circulating around Weibo that Xiaomi’s got an anniversary phone in the works. Some claims say that the new device is merely the Mi7, which we know will be renamed as the Mi8. It could even be a completely brand new device, though only time will tell.

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The Xiaomi Mi7 has leaked again,this time in real life images. The leaks confirm the presence of the notched display and dual camera setups. The …

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Xiaomi Mi 7 vs Huawei P20 Pro

We know it’s a bit of a long shot as the phone hasn’t been released yet but, by using Xiaomi Mi 7’s leaked tempered glass …

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Xiaomi Mi 7

Great news for Xiaomi lovers and potentially unhappy flagship killer aficionados that see their OnePlus 6 going to cost over 4000 Yuan ($629), meanwhile the …

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Xiaomi Mi 7

We’ve been reading lots of rumors around the Xiaomi Mi 7 in the past months, some suggesting it will sport a top notch and some …

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A shady render of the alleged Xiaomi Mi7 has just come out of the rumor mill. According to the render, Xiaomi’s 2018 flagship will sport …

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