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Microwear L3

Microwear L3

Microwear, a small Chinese firm, perhaps isn’t that well known to many, but then, the Chinse firm is making waves in the wearables market, as …

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Do you own a Microwear smart watch or smart bracelet that you usually wear it outside when you’re either walking, running, climbing, playing basketball and …

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Microwear L2

The Microwear L2 is the company’s latest smart watch that comes with lots of features you wouldn’t usually find on other similarly priced devices. Microwear decided …

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Microwear L2

Follow the Microwear L3 launches last month, the Chinese wearables makes is not back with another smart watch – the Microwear L2. Albeit counter intuitive, …

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Microwear L3

Smart watches have slowly become really useful gadgets for those who are into sports and physical activities in general. Wearables can keep track of your …

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