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As early as February 2017, there have been reports in the media that Motorola will embed its “QWERTY” keyboard into its Moto Z series smartphone in …

Despite the fact that Motorola adopted a nearly Vanilla Android experience, the company is somewhat being slow when it comes to delivering timely updates. In …

Motorola is one of the few companies that has managed to somewhat implement the modularity concept in their smartphones. Namely, the Moto Z lineup. With …

Today, a top secret Motorola presentation leaked out entire lines of Moto devices, revealing a lot more than what we bet Motorola was planning to announce.

Motorola isn’t exactly a company people think of when you say Chinese devices, but they are still technically a Chinese company, and news is still news, no?

ZUK’s ZUI Android skin is all set to make an appearance on Moto phones, namely the Moto Z and the Moto Z Play in the coming weeks.

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As well as laughing the world’s first Tango device, Lenovo have also announced two new models for the Motorola range with Moto Mod add on accessories.