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Is a cheap phone necessarily a bad-looking, poor performing device? This year we are learning more than ever that great phones can come at a low price, but not many cost as little as the Leagoo Lead 3.

With the launch of the very first quad-core MT6588 smartphones readers have asked what is the difference between this new quad-core SoC and the MT6589T? Let’s take a look.

Xiaomi Hongmi rumours have been baking in the rumour mill’s oven so long that they have doubled and now include an additional low-end Xiaomi Hongmi 1S!

Huawei have been leaking details of a number of entry level and mid range phones of the past few weeks, models which could shake the …

It’s Xiaomi Hongmi 2 rumour time again so we hope you have your pinch of salt at hand! The latest is the Hongmi 2 won’t have an 8-core chipset after all but the new quad-core MT6588!

No matter how careful a tech company is there is no guarantee that your latest product will remain a secret until launch. This is exactly what Mediatek learned this weekend when full specifications of the MT6592 and MT6588 processors were posted online.

Mediateks chipset roadmap gives us full details of the upcoming octa-core chpset along with details of an all new quad-core processor!

I reported a few days ago that both Lenovo and Gionee are working on new quad-core phones which will make use of the all new …

Since August we have been hearing rumours about MediaTek’s new quad-core CPU the MT6588 and how we could see low-cost quad-core phones very soon. Well …

The dual-core and much-anticipated JiaYu G3 MT6577 Android phone may have been delayed (again) until the 1st October, but that hasn’t stopped the JiaYu team …

Reports have emerged that chip manufacturer MediaTek are planning to put their next generation quad-core MT6588 CPU in to production as early as October!