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The upcoming Meizu phone has already suffered innumerable leaks. This time, leaked pictures of the packaging confirm the phone’s name – Meizu Pro 5.

meizu mx5 pro plus

The Meizu MX5 Pro has become a little bit of a will they? won’t they? rumour. We’re still not clear if the phone will eventually exist but if it does launch this could be the hardware specification.

meizu mx4 pro review

If you are a worried Meizu MX4 Pro owner who expects their phone to be replaced with a new model then don’t. The Pro range of Meizu phones has been scrapped (which is actually worrying in other reasons).

Meizu’s MX5 Pro is sure going to be a heck of a phone, here’s some leaked images of it.

meizu mx5

2015 has been the war of the bezel-less phones. Will the upcoming Meizu MX5 (or the MX5 Pro) turn out to be the winner?