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meizu mx6

With a launch date for the phone confirmed yesterday, today a real life photo of the Meizu MX6 has appeared showing a final working model.

meizu mx6 launch invite

Ok, so there was a crazy rumour that the Meizu MX6 would be DOA, but that rumour has no been throughly debunked with the release of MX6 launch invitations and benchmarks.

Meizu are back at it again with a planned launch event to be held on the 19th July in Beijing. The leak comes from a …

meizu mx6 leak

If you thought Meizu only had one smartphone launch planned for this month then think again as a leaked image suggests the Meizu MX6 could …

meizu pro 6

Meizu could be set to launch as many as 7 phones this year according to a leaked roadmap containing naming, pricing and partial specs.

meizu mx6

Although its the Chinese New Year, there are still some breaking stories such as the possible network approval of the Meizu MX6.