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After establishing itself in various markets around the world, China’s OPPO is ready for it’s next big challenge: Australia!

The OPPO N1 mini just got official in India, with a Snapdragon 400 chipset and a rather optimistic price tag!

The little cousin of the OPPO N1, the N1 mini has been official for a while now, but the makers of the phone don’t seem to have had talked enough about the device.

oppo n1 mini price

Pricing for the Oppo N1 Mini has been revealed in China to be 2699 Yuan ($431).

oppo n1 mini leaked

As previously reported Oppo have release mini versions of the Oppo N1 and Find 7 and launched them in Singapore.

oppo n1 mini

More images, details and specs of the Oppo N1 Mini have been discovered ahead of the phones launch tomorrow.

As much as we like the Oppo N1 and it’s rotating camera, it really is a huge phone given the screen size, wouldn’t a mini Oppo N1 make so much sense?