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The Nubia N2 was officially launched in China, in the month of March this year. The N2 is now slated for release in India on …

Both the Newman N2 and Xiaomi M2 are budget phones which have redefined what we should expect from $300 smartphones. Both pack quad-core processors, great screens and fantastic camera’s. But which is better the Xiaomi M2 or the Newman N2.

The Newman N2 is Newman’s latest, quad-core flagship phone. While availability is still quite scarce, we have been lucky enough to get our hands on one for a full in-depth review.

There are literally hundreds of great Android phones on the market today, and with more launching daily it can become difficult when trying to choose one. Today, I’m going to take a look at 3 popular models to help find the best for your needs.

Newman have just completed pre-sales of the ‘engineering batch’ of quad-core Newman N2’s, and even with little prior notice the phones are all sold out!

It seems that the soon to be released Newman N2 want’s to steal the limelight away from Meizu’s MX2 launch today, and has appeared in …