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NO.1 F6

NO.1 F6

Wearables are getting more popular day by day. This market consists of smartbands and smartwatches. Each of these niches has its own leaders. Lately, the …

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NO.1 F7

Some days back we checked out the latest NO.1 F7 smartwatch, a wearable aimed at outdoor people who need a though device with a neat …

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NO.1 F7

NO.1 F’s series is the wearable manufacturer’s line of rugged smartwatches made for outdoor people. The latest of the series will be the NO.1 F7 …

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NO.1 F6

Chinese wearable manufacturer NO.1 recently launched the F6, a smartwatch made for outdoor people who need a really tough device that doesn’t break easily. Starting …

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NO.1 F6 Presale

A week back, Chinese wearables maker NO.1 launched the NO. F6 smartwatch, the latest product aimed at outdoor people. Starting on January 22nd, the watch …

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NO.1 F6

Chinese wearables maker NO.1 are always innovating and, after launching the F5 smartwatch around 2 months ago, they’re now back with its successor – the …

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