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A few weeks ago, Samsung announced that Samsung Galaxy Note 8 was able to register for beta access of One UI with Android 9 Pie …

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Although One UI, the new interface that accompanies Android 9 Pie on Samsung flagships, is being tested only on Samsung Galaxy S9, Galaxy S9 Plus …

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In my mind, new upstarts in the smartphone market are doomed to fail or at the very best fade into obscurity. However, I’m surprised again …

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NOMU S10 Pro

The NOMU S10 Pro is the latest smartphone released from the Chinese company specialized in rugged devices. The handset is said to sport an IP69 …

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The Samsung Galaxy Note 8 is one of the most anticipated phablet of 2017. After the Note 7 fiasco, Samsung seems to be taking their …

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Recently, we had reported a leak which showed the Samsung Galaxy Note 8. In the leak, it was clearly visible that there is no fingerprint …

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There’s been rumors about the Samsung Galaxy Note 8 for quite a while now. The latest leak shows a render of the Galaxy Note 8.

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Amidst leaks and speculations, a 3D printed model of the Samsung Galaxy Note 8 has popped up on the Chinese social media website, Weibo.

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If you’re one of those fainthearted who believed that the Note family is dead, then you’d better think twice! According to Samsung’s CEO, D.J. Koh, the …

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huawei note 8 launched

Earlier today, Huawei officially unveiled it’s latest device to expectant Chinese fans. Here is the launch low-down of the Huawei Note 8.

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