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oneplus 2 review

OnePlus have announced that the invite rollout for the OnePlus 2 has deliberately been slowed down. This comes straight after the 2-3 week delay.

oneplus 2 camera samples daylight

Since receiving the OnePlus 2 a few days ago I have been using the device daily and captured a fair few photos to share with you. Let’s see just how good the 13 mega-pixel OnePlus 2 camera really is.

16gb oneplus 2

Getting hold of a OnePlus 2 is proving much easier this year compared to when the OPO launched. Resellers are so organised that now the cheaper 16GB OnePlus 2 is also available alongside the 64GB version.

how to install oxygen OS on the Chinese oneplus 2

In this post, we get to the nitty gritties of the network support that’s on offer across the various regional versions of the OnePlus 2!

how to install oxygen OS on the Chinese oneplus 2

Although the international version of the OnePlus 2 hasn’t launched yet Oxygen OS is available and if you have a Chinese OnePlus 2 you can install it super easy to get all the benefit of the international ROM.

oneplus 2 review

Today I received the OnePlus 2 and as I am sure you are all waiting to hear about this self proclaimed “2016 Flagship Killer” I quickly put together a unboxing and first hands on impressions.

oneplus 2 review

The OnePlus 2 is here in my hands and I am ready to answer any questions you might have about this “2016 Flagship” phone. oneplus 2 hands on photos

OnePlus have reported that the first batch of their 2016 flagship killer, i.e. the OnePlus 2 has been delayed for US and Canada. Keep reading for more info! oneplus 2 hands on photos

Colette France and OnePlus have teamed up to offer the latest ‘flagship killer’ aka the OnePlus 2 invite free and offline on the 11th August in a limited sale. oneplus 2 hands on photos

It is confirmed that OnePlus will launch another device and hopefully in time for Christmas, but what features do you expect from the next OnePlus device?

Hunting for your next phone? Then why not take advantage of this $10 saving when spending over $100 at

Want to buy the OnePlus 2? Here is a list of stores you can buy the OnePlus 2 without invite right now!

oneplus 2

Today was the first day of open sales for the OnePlus 2 in China with 30,000 phones selling out in just 64 seconds.

oneplus 2 invites

A OnePlus fan has managed to hack the OnePlus 2 invite system to push himself closer to the top of the queue.

oneplus 2

We have been hosting a poll asking if you would buy the OnePlus 2 now that it was all officially launched. After 1,283 votes and 177 comments the results are in!

doogee f3 bamboo

While a OnePlus bamboo cover costs $50, the Complete Doogee F3 with wooden rear made at the same factory costs only $160!

OnePlus will soon be offering its USB Type-C cable (from the OnePlus 2) for a mere sum of $5!

The OnePlus 2, like all smartphones before it, has its share of pros and cons. Here we detail the top 5 worst features of the OnePlus 2!

Wondering if the newest OnePlus phone is worth the #HYPE? Well, check out this list with the top 5 best features of the OnePlus 2 then!