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OnePlus has begun sending out invites for the OnePlus X unveil which will take place in six cities of the world simultaneously.

How much would you be happy to pay for the next OnePlus phone (OnePlus Mini? OnePlus X?) which will launch later this month?

xiaomi launch october

This month is exciting, not because of all the candy I can eat on Halloween, but because there are at least 5 high-profile launches going on. Here are 5 Chinese launches to keep an eye on this month.

The upcoming OnePlus X was found to be listed on Amazon India, thereby confirming a part of its specs sheet… while a teaser confirmed the launch date.

oneplus 2 review

The OnePlus X / OnePlus Mini is well on its way. Here we discuss a couple of features the phone is purported to have!

oneplus 2 review

The new and smaller OnePlus for 2015, aka the OnePlus mini just got its specs and pricing leaked in a rather heavy leak.

oneplus 2

Specs from the rumored OnePlus Mini have leaked, but the display size is still missing — the one piece in the puzzle. The Mini has a Full HD display.