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OnePlus co-founder has revealed that June 1 won’t see the launch of any new device, which rules out the possibility of a OnePlus Two launch. But there’s more!

OnePlus is going about in its own merry (read: gimmicky) way of marketing. This time, the company talks about an upcoming announcement.

oneplus 2 concept

The OnePlus One is one of the better phones around, but if we’re we’re getting the right info there’s a massive upgrade around the corner.

OnePlus will launch ‘something’ this 20th… what could it be? Speculate with us!

It was only a couple of months ago when OnePlus announced 500,000 OPO until sold, now the company say almost a million have found new owners.

oneplus two

Way ahead of schedule a still image taken from a promotional OnePlus Video could show a micro SD slot and dual SIM on the OnePlus Two.

oneplus two

In an attempt to get a jump on other resellers a certain online store has already started listing the OnePlus Two months ahead of launch.

oneplus one sandstone 64gb review

On the day of launching the OnePlus One in India, OPO talk about their plans for the OnePlus Two.

oneplus one yellow

The OnePlus One caught the tech world by surprise this year, but the real test is if they can do it again with the OnePlus Two. Take a look at these rumoured specs and see what you think.

OnePlus allegedly started working on the successor of the One, the OnePlus Two codename “Lettuce”.