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It appears as though there’ll be at least two versions of the OnePlus 2. Here’s a look at the second, i.e., 4GB RAM edition of the device thanks to GFXbench.

Antutu is still used by Chinese phone makers to show how powerful their new devices are. We all know that numbers and real world performance are sometimes very different, so don’t be too shocked by these slightly lower than expected OP2 Antutu scores.

oneplus 2 dual sim

The official OnePlus 2 specifications are being drip fed to fans with the latest coming from CEO Pete Lau pointing at dual SIM support.

oneplus 2 render

Bags of salt at the ready? Good! It’s time to take a pinch now as another purported leaked image of the OnePlus 2 hits the news.

oneplus 2 fingerprint scanner

The slow reveal running up to the OnePlus 2 launch next month marches on today with the revelation of an included fingerprint scanner.

oneplus 2 leak

Call us sceptical but we feel that these OnePlus 2 leaks look a little fish to us, but what do you think?

oppo find 9

Oppo have been extremely quiet with the release of their Oppo Find 9 phone, but details are seeping through here and there such as this tidbit from Chinese phone carriers in Guangzhou.

oneplus 2

The excitement is mounting in the OnePlus camp as the first teasers of the OnePlus 2 are published.

oneplus 2 concept

The OnePlus Two sounds like it will launch later in the year, and with a recent price drop of the OPO it is a classic sign that the start up is clearing stock ahead of the new arrival. Or is it the “arrivals”?

One Plus

OnePlus co-founder has revealed that June 1 won’t see the launch of any new device, which rules out the possibility of a OnePlus Two launch. But there’s more!