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Back in the day of the Oppo Find 5 and before OnePlus was even thought off, Oppo had its own online presence for European customers, but now the portal is no more.

The R7 Plus and iLike Bluetooth in-ear headset

Starting from yesterday, International Oppo fans can can pre-order the large screen Oppo R7 Plus through official channels.

Now Oppo are one oft he most popular phone makers from China today and actually sell their devices globally. Anyway, having achieved that doesn’t mean …

OPPO smartphone distributor OppoStyle is alleged to have messed up pre-orders of the current flagship from the Chinese maker, the OPPO Find 7a.

OPPO might have launched the 1440p Find 7 in March this year, but going by what OPPOStyle has to say, the high-res smartphone won’t be heading to your homes anytime soon.