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UMI Super

Seems like the busy bees in UMI are working hard and the second firmware update for the UMI Super model is already live via the …

Vernee Thor

So far Vernee is one of the companies keeping their word about the proper after-sale service and they are working hard to deliver the software …

umi touch ota

While the phone itself might have been taken its sweet time to launch, OTA’s for the UMi Touch have been rolling out in good time.

Seems like UMI didnt lay down arms following the yesterdays apology statement about delivery delays of UMI Touch and already finished first firmware OTA update …

blackview bv5000 review

If you happen to be the owner of the rugged Blackview BV5000 smartphone then you will be wanting to keep an eye on your OTA’s next month.

ulefone be touch 3

Ulefone have been on top of their Android updates for the past few months now, and have even released an OTA for their newly launched …

Blackview have released updates for their current range of phones bringing optimisations and fixes across their devices.

ulefone paris ota

Ulefone Paris owners check your notifications for an OTA update on your phone and you can expect at least one a month from now on.

The first design-first phone from OnePlus, aka the OnePlus X is getting yet another OxygenOS update.

Ulefone have released is releasing it’s first OTA after asking fans for feedback on the Ulefone Paris ROM.

blackview bv5000 rugged phone

If you are the owner of a rugged Blackview BV5000 then watch out for another OTA update starting today.

OnePlus X Champagne

First OTA(s) for the OnePlus X are now seeding. The update brings improvement in general performance, battery life, and more. Find out more here.

blackview alife p1 pro

Blackview have released an OTA update in response to complaints raised about the quality of the camera on the Alife P1 Pro.

miui 7

Got a Xiaomi phone that is begging to be updated? Then you can go ahead and download the global beta rom of MIUI 7 right now.

oneplus 2 ota

The first OTA available for the OnePlus 2 is rolling out as we speak and brings with it an important Stagefright security patch plus other features.

bluboo x550

Bluboo are rolling out a new OTA that, among other things, fixes issues users had with the front camera.

blackview alife p1 pro

Blackview have released an OTA for their Blackview Alife P1 Pro that optimises a few of the key smartphone features.

umi iron hands on

UMi have been powering along with OTA updates for the UMi Iron. The latest V1.4 OTA brings with it 11 optimisations and changes.

bluboo x550 new

Bluboo have released their first updated firmware for the the large battery X550 phone that brings some fixes and improvements to the device.