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elephone p8000 review

Elephone continue to launch phone after phone, but at this moment in time the Elephone P8000 is the top of the ELE fleet. So is it any good? How does it perform? Find out in our full Elephone P8000 review.

elephone p8000 specifications

Elephone has announced in partnership with Auxus the Auxus Prime P8000, which is essentially the Elephone P8000 in different branding.

In this video, Elephone compares the flash read/write speeds of the P7000, P8000 with the Xiaomi Mi Note and the Samsung Galaxy Note 3.

elephone p8000 source code

Just as promised, Elephone have released the kernel source code for the Elephone P8000 publicly to devs to get their hands on.

ELEPHONE p8000 specifications

Elephone just posted a video of their upcoming P8000. The video shows a dude trying to bend the chassis of the P8000 and iPhone 6. Who wins?

elephone p8000 source code

Elephone may well be the first company to ever release the source code for a Mediatek Chinese phone with P8000 code available soon and the hunt for developers now on.

ulefone be touch 2 vs elephone p8000

This video has been recorded to show the difference in speed between the Ulefone Be Touch 2 and Elephone P8000, but it also gives us a good screen and size comparison too.

ELEPHONE p8000 specifications

Elephone are hoping to attract a larger audience of developers by releasing the source code for the Elephone P8000.

elephone P8000 samsung camera

With Sony struggling to keep up with orders, phone makers are looking for alternate camera sensor to use in their new phones.

elephone p8000

Elephone’s P8000 features a few improvements over the current P7000, the large battery being one and the thin 7.2mm chassis being another.

We may have only just received the Elephone P7000 last week, but this doesn’t stop Elephone posting a hands on video with the Elephone P8000. Watch it here.

It was back in February when we first hear about the Elephone P8000, what looked as just one promise, turns in reality, and it’s coming soon. …

Full specifications of the Elephone P8000 (well, almost) have made it to our desk. Keep reading for more info!