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Cyanogenmod is now a company! The team have funding and they will be working with a hardware maker which will run their excellent ROM! So if you had a choice of Chinese phone maker who would you like to see work with them?

The Chinese phone market has got itself caught in a mad race to release the latest ‘hot’ device. They believe customers want 6.44-inch phones or above, but are they right?

In their infinite wisdom Oppo have leaked enough details for most fans to decide if they would by the Oppo N1 or not. So, knowing what you do would you buy the N1 or is it just too big?

An online poll asks which Android phone maker do you support, interestingly China’s Oppo is currently in the lead!

Gizchina is updated daily with great new content from the Chinese tech scene, but did you know that we also have an exciting and feature packed Facebook page too?

JiaYu have been discussing the memory options of the JiaYu G4 and have let slip some interesting pricing information!

We’ve known for sometime that the JiaYu G4 will be available in ‘Youth’ and ‘Premium’ versions, however there are in fact 8 possible JiaYu G4 …

Our sources at Neo have confirmed that the Neo N003 will in fact be a 1080 HD phone and will go on sale from just $144 very soon!

Neo haven’t yet fully decided to launch the Neo N003 in 5-inch 1080 or 5.3-inch 720! Have your say here in our poll!

JiaYu have gone to their loving fans once again to help with development of another of their phones. Fans have been asked to vote on …

I’m in a conundrum and would like the assistance of the excellent Gizchina audience to help me out. Which Chinese phone would you buy? Im …

JiaYu are both teasing and infuriating potential customers with constantly leaked photos, videos and specification, but this current news and poll might suggest they are …