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The Meizu Pro 7 is an upcoming dual camera, dual screen flagship, the images of which have been shared by a company executive.

Well this comes from Meizu itself so we’d better be ready for some official announcements soon. The Chinese company teased the upcoming reveal of the Meizu Pro …

The Meizu Pro 7 is an upcoming Chinese flagship which is all set to bedazzle with it’s dual screen feature, allowing selfies from the main camera.

The Meizu Pro 7 has been a hot topic for weeks now. The latest images show the secondary display of the Pro 7 in all …

The Meizu Pro 7 has been a hot topic for weeks now. The latest report put the launch at July 26, and there is another …

A new teaser poster was released earlier today on the official Charm Blue Weibo page and it seems to hint on the secondary display of the …

The rumors surrounding the Meizu Pro 7 are getting more and more interesting each passing day. With earlier rumors where its specs were leaked, to …

A few days ago, a leak hinted towards the Meizu Pro 7 sporting a dual camera setup. The latest leak shows the phone in a Samsung Galaxy S8 inspired design.

There have been multiple leaks of the Meizu Pro 7, but the latest render that has turned up on Weibo, shows a dual camera setup on the rear of the Pro 7.

We’re not sure who created this Meizu Pro 7 render, we wouldn’t be too shocked it this was the real thing, but can you see where the inspiration came from?

meizu pro 7

Images of the Meizu Pro 7 have been posted online this morning which details some of the claimed specifications for the new device.

meizu pro 7

New details purporting to a Meizu Pro 7 release are revealed today, giving the new flagship a release date of 13th September.

meizu pro 7

The Meizu Pro 7 is a phone that I hope isn’t in the dreams of Meizu fans, it’s curved display and new features could really ignite the brands recognition.