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Redmi 7 with SD632 & 4000mAh battery released for 699 Yuan ($104)

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Xiaomi wants to set the 18-month warranty trend for mobile industry

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Redmi Note 7 Pro is the Redmi Note upgrade we’ve been waiting for

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xiaomi redmi note 4

Here’s your chance of taking home a brand new Xiaomi Redmi Note 4 (3GB/64GB version) with a special $30 discount code!

Here’s a discount coupon code for GizChina readers which will allow you to purchase the Snapdragon 625 Redmi Note 4X for just $147!

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Chinese sensation Xiaomi are now looking to consolidate their presence in the offline smartphone market in India.

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xiaomi redmi prime

Pick up the Xiaomi Redmi 4 Prime in the Christmas sale!

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We took the new budget phone from Xiaomi, the Xiaomi Redmi 4 Prime out for a bit of a spin. Here are the results for you to see!

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Xiaomi mi5s

The 11:11 sales have already started in China, and on some international reseller sites too! Here are 6 phone bargains you really cannot afford to …

Xiaomi Mi 5S

This is a potential spoiler alert so if you don’t want to see what might be launched by Lei Jun in just a few hours turn away now.

This year has proven to be pretty active for Xiaomi, seeing as they’ve released quite a lot of phones. So many in fact, that we’re making a list about them!

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The Redmi range of phones is coming to age with already great specs and pricing, but a new model is set to rival even Xiaomi’s …

leadcore Xiaomi redmi 2a

Xiaomi’s Lei Jun has Tweeted that the next Xiaomi Redmi 2A will go on sale at just 499 Yuan with Chinese made Leadcore processor.

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xiaomi redmi note 2 fake

Xiaomi might have dropped the ball with the Xiaomi Mi 4i, but we doubt they would resort to stealing the design of the Meizu MX5 …

xiaomi redmi helio x10

A new Redmi model is said to be in the pipeline from Xiaomi and interestingly it could come with a powerful Mediatek Helio X10 chipet.

xiaomi redmi 2 review

Reports of a lower cost version of the Xiaomi Redmi first began back in December after Xiaomi invitees in a local semiconductor company. Those rumours haven’t done away with additional details uncovered this morning.

It appears as though Xiaomi’s had enough of the unofficial reseller drama, and is now starting to take legal action against the same.

leadcore xiaomi redmi

Xiaomi are all up in the headlines today, now after receiving its network license for a new budget phone powered by a Leadcore chip and rumoured $65 launch price!

Rumours are inbound that Xiaomi will be releasing something new on January 15th next year!

xiaomi mi4 review

A few days ago Xiaomi was hit with a ban preventing the sale of its device in India, new reports say that the ban will be lifted for some products early next year.

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xiaomi mi pad review

We would hardly say that the current Xiaomi Mi Pad was an expensive device, yet an even cheaper tablet is being rumoured and could arrive in early 2015.

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xiaomi mi4 review

Reseller Xiaomishop have slashed prices on Xiaomi smartphones including the popular Xiaomi Mi4, Redmi Note LTE and others for this Black Friday!