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Homtom HT37

Budget audio centric Homtom HT37 is already available in the market for quite some time, but seems like they makers decided to enrich the line …

The upcoming Elephone R9 will be the first in line of the “R” model lineup aimed at the younger generation. It should have a pretty …


Uhans, known primarily for their U100 model with Vertu style and later finish, have confirmed they are working on a new premium device.

umi iron pro

UMi is preparing its next-generation device, to be called the UMi Iron Pro, and, as always, color options are a big part of choice for …

gold m5 pro

Meizu’s quest to copy and follow Apple at every step almost meant the introduction of a ‘Rose Gold’ Meizu Pro 5, but the company boss says the colour is too difficult to copy.