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Skyworth 8K 88-inch OLED TV

When it comes to TV brands, Skyworth, which has entered the top list, always comes with noteworthy models. On the AWE2019, this company exhibited an …

Chinese electronics maker Skyworth are launching 2 new 4K Android smart TV’s in China starting from just $495.

Tencent, developers of popular messaging app WeChat, are on their way to releasing the WeChat TV, a smart TV which integrates with your WeChat account.

Hot on the heals of both the Xiaomi TV and rumoured LeTV X50 comes the Skywork “Cool On” Android smart TV starting from just $326!

The 3D phenomenon is continuing to grow across the globe with everything from movies and video games going 3D to kids coloring books and plain …

Skyworth are well known for their quality LCD and LED screened television in China, and are a welcome brand to see entering the tablet market.

Skyworth are possibly one of those huge brands you have never heard of before! In China they are one of the largest manufacturers of TV, …

Skyworth are better known for their television business, but like most companies they’re jumping on the tablet bandwagon with an Android offering of their own.