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There is a tendency that more and more people start to use electric toothbrushes to brush their teeth every day. But according to researches, many …

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Zeblaze Vibe 3 vs Zeblaze Vibe 3 HR

A couple weeks back wearables manufacturer Zeblaze announced the Zeblaze Vibe 3 HR, the new iteration of the successful Zeblaze Vibe 3. The two watches …

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CleanRobot Vacuum Cleaner

Are you tired of sweeping the floor every other day? Then you only really have two way outs: hire somebody to clean it for you …

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Zeblaze Crystal 2

A couple days back, Zeblaze announced the latest addition to their family of smartwatches under the name of Zeblaze Crystal 2. The Crystal 2 does …

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Zeblaze Vibe 3 HR

Progress is never stopping and so is Zeblaze. The company specialized in wearables manufacturing did indeed just unveil a new smartwatch in the name of Zeblaze …

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Zeblaze Crystal 2

Zeblaze is back in the news with another really interesting smart wearable, we’re talking about the Zeblaze Crystal 2. The smartwatch is now on presale …

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Zeblaze Vibe 3

Is the new Xiaomi Amazfit health band wearable worth it? Find out here as we take it for a spin while trying to answer the very question!

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Xiaomi Mijia Roborock S50

Sweeping or mopping the floor every other day gets tiring after a while. To solve that issue you have two options: hire somebody to clean …

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Zeblaze Plug C Review

Is the new Xiaomi Amazfit health band wearable worth it? Find out here as we take it for a spin while trying to answer the very question!

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Microwear X6

Chinese wearables maker Microwear has dozens of smartwatches on the market but not too many of them would fit well on a girl/woman wrist. That’s …

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Zeblaze Vibe Lite

The Zeblaze VIBE LITE is the company’s entry-level smartwatch that comes with top features and a really affordable price tag. The wearable is now on …

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Efox's FIFA World Cup

With the FIFA World Cup kicking off tomorrow, Chinese e-stores have found yet another opportunity to start a new fun and interesting campaign which revolves …

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Efox Father's Day

Father’s day is just around the corner and – as always – you’ve probably forgotten about it. Do not despair yet though as online stores …

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Microwear X2 Plus

Microwear just introduced a new smart bracelet, namely called Microwear X2 Plus which comes with the goal of making your life easier to track, at …

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After almost exactly a year from launching the first ever rugged watch – the Zeblaze VIBE – the company renown for their affordable lineup of …

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Xiaomi Mijia Roborock S50

Tired of sweeping or mopping the floor every other day? Then it’s probably time to get yourself one of those handy robot vacuum cleaners. If …

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Koogeek KH01CN

We all love smartphones here at GizChina but those aren’t the only piece of tech we’re interested in. Smart home gadgets are the future and …

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Koogeek KH01

If you’re a fan of tech and gadgets in general, then you probably already love the idea of a “smart home”. Now, that can be …

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Koogeek KH02CN

Just yesterday we checked out the Koogeek KH03CN, a very useful gadget that allows you to make your home a little bit smarter, or at least …

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dodocool da154

Do you live in a part of the world with super dry weather? Or you simply want to give your home a new aroma? Then …

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