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Smartisan Nut 3

Smartisan Nut 3

The original Xiaomi Mi MIX was the first phone in the world with a full-screen design that went into production and gave rise to a …

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Smartisan Nut 3

A couple of days ago, Hammer Technologies held a press conference in Beijing and officially released the Smartisan Nut 3. When the conference was over, …

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Smartisan Nut 3

Today, on April 9, the Smartisan Nut 3 was officially announced, as planned. It is focusing on the thousand-yuan market while coming with a full-screen …

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Smartiasn Nut 3

Tomorrow, on April 9, the Smartisan Nut 3 will release, as scheduled. Usually, when a new phone should come, the manufacturers publish posters to hint …

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Smartisan Nuts 2

We know the next-gen Smartisan Nut 3 will debut on April 9. Seems we have heard too much about the forthcoming model. But when trying …

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Smartisan Nut 3

A few days ago, we have been talking about OPPO’s success. As you know, the OPPO R15 reservations reached 6.2 million, which is way more …

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