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Today, smartphone operating systems are becoming more flexible and users can now choose to flash the desired ROM into their devices. Many thanks to the …

Although we never had a shred of doubt about the OnePlus 6’s custom development potential, we are glad to report that an almost fully functional TWRP recovery is now available for the OnePlus 6. It’s been a pretty speedy development, and we’re quite happy that it’s here.

OnePlus 6

The OnePlus 6 skin on top of Android has dual versions. The one in China is called Hydrogen OS while the global version is called …

Xiaomi Redmi 5a

Xiaomi is the best brand when it comes to price-over-hardware ratio. This statement refers to all models of this manufacturer. This doesn’t mean it comes …

oneplus 3 gold

Here’s how you can install the official copy of the Team Win Recovery Project (TWRP) on your OnePlus 3 smartphone in simple steps.

The Yureka from Micromax sub-brand Yu now has official support from the guys over at Team Win in the form of the TWRP recovery.