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Nine months after its official unveiling, it seems that the most awaited Xiaomi 4K Drone finally has an official release date, after several reports claiming …

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zerotech dobby drone review

The Dobby Drone has been one of the most impressive pieces of Chinese tech I have owned for a good few years, and now the latest update makes the tiny UAV even better.

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zerotech dobby drone review

A few months ago we posted some news about a new start up in China who were funding a mini foldable drone, well it’s been …

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This was a little of an unexpected surprise, imagine my shock when the DHL bloke showed up with this large box containing the newly launched …

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dobby drone China

Chinese start-up Dobby are crowdfunding a drone in China that can fold up and fit in your pocket and will cost just $260.

xiaomi drone teaser video

A 20 second long teaser video shows some of the features of Xiaomi’s upcoming drone.

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xiaomi drone

There has been a lot of talk over the possibility of a Xiaomi drone, now a teaser posted moments ago seems to finally officially confirm the device.

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dji phantom standard 3 review 5

Xiaomi’s rumoured drone made a surprise appearance in the menu of their online forums today.

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xiaomi drone leaked

Chinese site UAVNews, have managed to get their hands on an image and leaked photos of Xiaomi rumoured upcoming drone.

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dji phantom standard 3 review 5

Last week patents of a rumours Xiaomi drone revealed a quad-copter which would be controlled by your Mi Band. Further details today show the drone will use your wearable for a ‘follow me’ feature.

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tencent folding selfie drone

China’s Tencent tech giant are working on a foldable drone designed for taking aerial selfies and controlled from your smartphone.

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China is made up of tall, towering skyscrapers which for a parcel couriers must be a nightmare, but one company may have found a solution by using UAV drones.

China’s experimental military drones are not something you would come across everyday, well unless you happened to be in the woods of Huining, Hebei where …

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China’s first UAV the F50 drone helicopter has been on display this week. Despite it’s racy name the F50 is rather tiny and has quite …

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