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In July 2017, DR.WEB, an anti-virus vendor from Russia, claimed to have found “virus alert” on a number of Android smartphones and identified the virus as “Android.Triada.231”. …

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android infected

With reports of certain Chinese phones coming with infected ROMS it would be a good idea to detect if your phone has been compromised with uupay.A here is how.

android ransomware

Trojans and virus are something which Android phone users must be wary of and protect themselves from, and now a new menace has hit in the form of ransomware.

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If you’re like me you might want to get rid of your Goophone’s heavy iOS skinned user interface and run something more ‘Android-like’. Thanks to …

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If you, like me were totally uninterested in the above title until you came across ‘Rugged’ then congratulations you are as awesome as I am!

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64.1% of all virus infected Android handsets in the world were located in China ,a recent study by NetQin has reported.

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As Android users the words malware, virus and good generally don’t go hand in hand, but like everything in life there is an exception to …

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With all the news about applications with malware hidden inside applications found on the Android market, some have been calling out for Google to become …

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We all love the Android market for it open nature. The fact the developers can make applications quickly to whatever specifications they desire and upload …

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Admit it or not but some of you out there have secretly hoped for a Zombie apocalypse. Maybe you just fancy a break from the …

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