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The Vivo X3 once held the crown as the world’s thinnest smartphone. That record was broken back in March with the 5.5mm thin ELIFE S5.5. Now Vivo says it is looking to set the record again.

On the dawn of the Vivo Xplay 3S launch a new mystery 8-core Vivo device has appeared in the Antutu benchmark database scoring over 27,000 points.

Long awaited 8 core phone from Newman, the K18 finally made it through the Chinese Ministry of Communications with a network license and is expected to hit shelves soon!

Apple’s stylish new gold, or ‘champagne’ version of the iPhone 5S has caused a shift from Chinese makers to offer their own gold versions!

While we were busy in Beijing yesterday Lenovo was wooing the crowds at IFA with their new high-end Mediatek handset the Lenovo Vibe X.

The Vivo X3, also known as one of the few phones out there able to give you a paper cut will go on sale later this morning in China.

The Vivo X3 has caught the attention of Android phone fans over the past few weeks, and now we have the full specifications which give us an even better of this super thin smartphone.

Vivo are keeping momentum going for the launch of the super slim 5.6mm (?) Vivo X3 announcing the launch to take place on August 22nd!

The latest Vivo X3 leaked photos are possibly the most bizarre we have seen from any Chinese phone maker! The Vivo X3, thin enough to slice and side vegetables?

Vivo are ready to reclaim the worlds thinnest Android smartphone title with the 6mm thick Vivo X3 coming August!

Vivo will be launching the flagship Vivo Xplay later this month, but that’s not the only phone they have waiting on the bench as it appears the Vivo X3 might also be making an appearance.

The launch of the BBK Vivo X1, aka the world’s thinnest Android phone is upon us, so what can we expect from today’s launch?

An actual confirmed release date for the Vivo X1, the world’s thinnest Android smart phone, has finally been announced, what’s more you can actually visit …

BBK are the brand behind the fantastic looking world’s thinnest Android phone, Vivo X1, with dual-core CPU and 1GB RAM. While there is a lot …