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Chinese smartphone brands are very popular in India. Especially, this statement is true for Xiaomi and VIVO. But if the former one continues performing well, …

Teasers had already paved the way for the Vivo X7, but today the details became official as did the Vivo X7 plus!

vivo x7 tenaa

So we all knew the Vivo X7 would launch with a front 16 mega-pixel camera, but now TENAA has revealed that the rear will be 13 mega-pixels!!

Vivo’s X7 has leaked ahead of launch, but it’s not an actual phone that has been spied rather a dummy device meant for retail stores. …

Vivo’s upcoming Vivo X7 smartphone is spied in camouflage confirming front fingerprint scanner. If, like me, you have been a big fan of the speedy …

vivo x7

Vivo have revealed that they will launch 2 new Vivo X7 phones at the end of this month along with a few spec details.

Vivo have a set routine that the follow for the new phones, and that is to simply tease main points of the device just before …

vivo x7 teaser

Vivo are teasing a new smartphone and have today released the official name of the device and one of its major selling points.

vivo x7 leak

Vivo have released the long anticipated Vivo Xplay 5 earlier this year but what is going on with the next generation Vivo Xshot?