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vivo x5pro

The name Vivo usually goes hand in hand with expensive, but the launch of the Vivo X5Pro yesterday has a surprisingly low price tag!

vivo x5pro

The more we read about the upcoming Vivo X5Pro the more we like. On top of a retina scanner and smooth glass/alloy body the phone is also getting a large 4150mAh battery.

vivo x5pro retina scanner

There have been rumours that the Vivo X5Pro will come with a fingerprint scanner under a glowing logo, and rumours of retina recognition. Vivo’s latest teaser seems to confirm the latter.

vivo front camera

Vivo’s social media networks keep adding more teasers for the new Vivo X5 Pro, the latest is confirmation of a 32mp front camera and hints at Eye ID security.

vivo x5pro

Reports today suggest that the Vivo X5 Pro will come with a retina scanner for security, 3GB RAM and a Qualcomm Snapdragon 615 chipset.