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Meizu 17

At the time of writing, Meizu still didn’t officially announce when and where they’re going to launch the upcoming Meizu 16 flagship. That said, Meizu …

Meizu X8

As the ones who follow Meizu really close will know, the Chinese phone maker is set to unveil a third device along with the Meizu …

iocean x8 mini pro

After seeing details of the iOcean X8 Mini, we have to say that the specifications for the iOcean X8 Mini Pro are much more like what we expect.

iocean x8 photos

More news about the iOcean X8 has crossed our desk today. iOcean have confirmed that the flagship phablet will get an autofocus front camera and rumours are suggest a launch of next week!

iocean x8 leaked photos

More leaked photos of this years most anticipated Android phablet. See the inside of the iOcean X8!